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The ChimeraX Menu

Although most functionality is currently in commands, the ChimeraX menu includes basic file operations and undo, choices for selection, and access to several tools. See also: the ChimeraX window, context menus, Basic Actions, the Command Line

File Edit – limited undo/redo Select – what or how to select; see also the select command Toolstools grouped by category

Presets – predefined combinations of display settings, grouped into categories. Choosing a preset from the menu applies its settings. The current presets act only on atomic models, and those in the Cartoons/Nucleotides and Initial Styles categories hide any molecular surfaces. They are not all-encompassing (results depend on prior settings), and those which are more render-intensive may be slow to execute on very large structures. Presets can also be applied using the preset command. See also: lighting, Graphics Toolbar, making images Help
UCSF Resource for Biocomputing, Visualization, and Informatics / March 2019