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Command: set

set  keyword  value  [ keyword2  value2 ...]

The set command sets various global parameters. If given without arguments, it reports the current settings in the Log. See also: preset, lighting, camera, Graphics Toolbar

Parameter keyword:

One or more parameters can be specified in a single command. Examples:

set bg sky blue
set sil true silhouettew 2

Parameters that are not specified remain at their current values.

set bgColor  color
~set bgColor
Set background color, where color can be a color specification by name, hexadecimal color code, or component values. Any transparency in the color is ignored; however, images can be saved with a (completely) transparent background using the save command option transparentBackground true. Using ~set bgColor restores background color according to the user preference.
set maxFrameRate  N
Set the maximum frame rate in ChimeraX to N frames per second (initial default 60). Although N is the target value, the actual rate may be lower depending on the rendering speed of the computer and the complexity of the scene. The maximum frame rate can also be reported/changed with graphics.
set silhouettes  true | false
Whether to show silhouettes, outlines that emphasize borders and discontinuities. Synonyms for true: True, 1. Synonyms for false: False, 0.
set silhouetteColor  color
Set silhouette color, where color can be a color specification by name, hexadecimal color code, or component values (initial default black).
set silhouetteWidth  linewidth
Set silhouette linewidth in pixels (initial default 1).
set silhouetteDepthJump  depth
Set depth change needed to trigger drawing silhouettes, as a fraction of scene depth (the distance between the near and far clipping planes); initial default 0.03, but changed to 0.01 by the flat lighting preset.
set subdivision  level
Set subdivision level (initial default 1), where higher values increase the apparent smoothness of stick, ball-and-stick, and sphere display styles by increasing the number of triangles used to draw them. At a given subdivision level, the fineness of triangulation is adjusted automatically depending on the display contents (e.g., the number of atoms displayed), within the range of 10-2000 triangles per atom and 24-160 per bond. Alternatively, a fixed number of triangles per atom or bond can be specified with the graphics command. Using set subdivision returns to automatic adjustment, overriding any fixed values specified beforehand with graphics. For cartoons, see graphics or the divisions, sides, and barSides options of cartoon style. For molecular surfaces, see the gridSpacing option of surface.

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