[Chimera-users] generating/saving mask files using segmentation

Uhnsoo Cho ecoli72 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 16:18:13 PST 2018


I am a beginner and still in the learning phase of chimera.
Here is my question.
I generated the mask from relion (mask creation) and open the mask in
Using segmentation, I successfully split the mask into three segments and
saved them individually.
Then, I found that each mask file changes its box size (smaller than the
original mask) and failed to run the multi-body refinement in relion.

Using relion_image_handler (--new_box), I changed the box size but now the
origin is shifted and all three masks are overlapping each other by losing
their relative position.

Is there a way to save the segmented mask maps by maintaining its original
box size and relative position?


Best, Uhnsoo
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