[Chimera-users] apple ui

Nils Becker nils.becker at ens-lyon.fr
Fri May 15 04:53:33 PDT 2009

Thomas Goddard wrote:
> All this
> seems about as good as possible except for the case when there is no
> horizontal scrollbar for an individual pane (long file names).  In that
> case horizontal scrolling could scroll all the panes left or right.  It
> would be quirky because as the panes move and your mouse doesn't move
> the mouse might go over a new pane which has it's own horizontal
> scrollbar and the scrolling behavior would abruptly change to just
> scrolling that pane.  Annoying.
>   My observations seem to differ from yours.  I'm using Mac OS 10.5.7.
Hi Tom,

thanks for the reply, I verified and you are right about the present
behavior. I guess I disagree on the last point; i think horizontal
scrolling through the directory hierarchy is more often used than the
scrolling for long file names (at least in my experience). so i would
opt for the jumpy behavior, or if that's undesired, for having the mouse
x scroll wheel scroll only the panels and never the file names (for
these, one would have to use the scroll bar). but that's just me..

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