[Chimera-users] apple ui

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu May 14 16:19:33 PDT 2009

Hi Nils,

   I'm guessing you are using the Mac mouse with the tiny ball-bearing 
size scroll ball.  I just tested that with Aqua Chimera 1.3 and the Aqua 
daily build and both horizontal and vertical scrolling with the ball 
worked as expected.  I could scroll both vertically and horizontally 
within the Open dialog pane the mouse was over.  By horizontal I mean if 
the file names are too long to fit in the pane then a horizontal scroll 
bar appears at the bottom of that pane and that is what moves 
horizontally.  To move the panes left and right I had to put the mouse 
over the horizontal scrollbar that sits under all the panes.  All this 
seems about as good as possible except for the case when there is no 
horizontal scrollbar for an individual pane (long file names).  In that 
case horizontal scrolling could scroll all the panes left or right.  It 
would be quirky because as the panes move and your mouse doesn't move 
the mouse might go over a new pane which has it's own horizontal 
scrollbar and the scrolling behavior would abruptly change to just 
scrolling that pane.  Annoying.

   My observations seem to differ from yours.  I'm using Mac OS 10.5.7.

   Horizontal scrolling does not work in the Mac X11 Chimera.  We plan 
on  discontinuing the Mac X11 Chimera in favor of Mac Aqua Chimera at 
some point in the future.


Nils Becker wrote:
> hi,
> just a quick user interface suggestion: it would be great if mouse-over
> over all directory listings (when choosing files to load etc) could
> activate the mouse wheel for both x and y scrolling.
> right now, only placing the cursor directly over the scroll bars allows
> scrolling by mouse wheel, and there is only one mouse wheel axis to
> scroll with.
> i am on mac is x 10.5.6 and using a recent native snapshot
> cheers, nils
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