[Chimera-users] Error on installation on a student's computer

Kenward Vaughan kay_jay at kvaughan.family
Mon Jan 10 11:06:24 PST 2022

Hello all,

As usual I have my students installing Chimera as part of their 
continuing adventure in organic chemistry, but have one of them 
reporting an error on attempted startup after installation.  So far I 
have little information (we haven't started classes yet--next week--but 
she has sent the error message obtained.  It is apparently on Windows.  
I suggested that she try starting from the command line to do the debug 
run, but this is from a distance at this time and I don't know how savvy 
she is with such stuff.

Is there enough information in just the number noted by this message for 
someone to know what might be happening with her setup?

Many thanks, and cheers!


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