[Chimera-users] Stuck in adding residue in the C-terminal of a segment

Prathit Chatterjee prathit.biophysics at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 00:48:08 PDT 2021

Dear Experts,

This is regarding adding an ALA residue in the C-terminal of a specific protein domain, with CHIMERA.

I have a protein-complex with multiple domains and chains.
I want to add an ALA residue (101-th position) in the chain D, after the 100th residue which is PRO.

I followed the tutorial and have given the following command in command line:

addaa ala,101 :100.d

The following outcome was: Couldn’t find ‘O’ backbone atom of PRO 100.D.

Request you to kindly let me know what the possible solution could be, so that I add an ALA residue in the C-terminal of Chain D.

Thank you in advance,
Prathit Chatterjee

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