[Chimera-users] Hollow Sticks When Exporting as STLs?

Josh Moon Josh.Moon at kzoo.edu
Tue Aug 17 10:10:45 PDT 2021


I hope to make this question as direct and simple as I can!

When I export a scene of a molecule displayed as a ball-and-stick as a STL, I find that many of my "stick" portions are hollow.  This creates thin, weak walls for 3D printing.  I've included a screenshot of an intended plane cut from Meshmixer so that you can see the internal structure.

What am I doing incorrectly?  Is there something I can do in Chimera to export a solid object with no "hollow tubes."  Fixing this with 3d programs can be time consuming.

Sincere thanks,
Josh Moon, Ph.D. (he/him/his)
Educational Technology Specialist
Kalamazoo College
(269) 337-7415

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