ASIF JAHAN SHUVRO asif.jahan.shuvro at g.bracu.ac.bd
Fri Oct 23 21:10:48 PDT 2020

Dear concern, this is Asif from BRAC University, Biotechnology program. I
hope you're in good health.

I need a little help from you. Recently, I have joined two peptide
fragments by forming a peptide bond between them using your standalone UCSF
Chimera software. The file has been saved as a Chimera session fle.
However, I'm not finding any clue on how to convert it into an entire pdb
file. I'm not being able to do any other modification to it since a pdb
file is required for this purpose.

Could you please help me out on this regard? kindly let me know how can I
generate a pdb file from that session file format. I wish to hear your

Thanks in advance!

Asif Jahan Shuvro
Biotechnology Program
Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
BRAC University
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