[Chimera-users] Is there a way to determine the "screen" window coordinates (x, y) of an "atom-spec"

Chin-Bow, Stephen stephen.chin-bow at yale.edu
Thu Jul 30 08:58:25 PDT 2020


It has been only a few weeks since I first started learning Chimera 1.14 (build 42094) on a Linux64 system with X11.  I hope my experiences will help you improve both Chimera and ChimeraX.  Earlier today, I reported a situation which results in an unexpected handling of a "divide by zero" bug.

I am using the experience to also learn some Python.  I am sure there are better ways, but I edited your playmorph.py code to record an animation with a morphing sequence played in reverse.

I admit that I still do not understand the different coordinate systems used in Chimera.

I have a question which can simply be answered using a ruler, but I am hoping there is another more elegant solution.

"2D Labels" arrow ends are specified as a percentage of the screen width and screen height (range 0.0 to 1.0).  I would like to draw an arrow whose end (x,y) is specified with precision.

After I can specify the windowsize

Is there a way to request the "window-screen" coordinates of a specific atom-spec?  This is useful, because if I have set the windowsize then I can simply divide the coordinates by the window dimensions to get the desired end for the arrow.

Many thanks,


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