[Chimera-users] Using Transformation matrix in Chimera

Chemmama, Ilan Ilan.Chemmama at ucsf.edu
Thu Apr 16 16:12:31 PDT 2020

Dear Developers,

I have a set of maps that I am trying to transform the following way:

i) Compute the transformation between a PDB and one of maps.
This is trivial using fitmap command.

ii) I would like to get the inverse transformation moving the PDB to its original position.
I have tried to play with matrixget and matrixes but without much success in access the the inverse transformation.

iii) Apply the inverse transformation to each of the map.
I assume you can easily do that with move passing the inverse matrix obtained above with a little for loop on model #.

iv) Save the rotated maps
This is trivial using vop resample and volume save.

As you may see, I am struggling with step 2. Is there an easy way to access that matrix, get the inverse, and apply to a set of models.
I have tried to find a solution in both Chimera (using runCommand) and ChimeraX (using run from core.commands) but to no avail.
Any tips would be appreciated here -

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