[Chimera-users] Can mouse preferences by set to specific UCSF Chimera function (ex. "Undo Move" under Movement Mouse Mode) ?

Jun Ha Song junhasong at berkeley.edu
Wed Oct 30 05:50:19 PDT 2019

Dear RBVI,

My current project involves modifying market set to better-fit the density
map, and I use "*Undo Move*" function of "*Movement Mouse Mode*" window all
the time (at least 100 times every hour). Although the "*Undo Move*" is
already a godsend for my current project, I have to confess that I find
moving my mouse all the way to "*Movement Mouse Mode*" window, then
clicking "*Undo Move*" little bit tiring (especially after looking for
"Movement Mouse Mode" Window over 10,000 times, at least).

I have learned that there is also a way to use Undo Move via Toolbar, but
the fact that I need to move my mouse from my model to click the Undo Move
button remains the same.

I want to ask the following question : "*Can Mouse button (ex. MMB), or a
specific custom keyboard key (ex. Pause/Break), be assigned to activate a
UCSF Chimera function that requires its button to be physically pressed?*"

This is such a minor wish, as it would likely only benefit 1 person, I
already feel guilty for asking this. That is why I want to know if mouse
button can be assigned to actiavte UCSF Chimera function in general.

Junha Song.
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