[Chimera-users] Auto-associate define attribute/render by attribute

Healey, Joseph J.Healey.1 at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Nov 26 07:40:22 PST 2019

Hi Chimera team,

I’m working on a script to automatically render proteins in a complex by attributes (in this case, a number of scores obtained from different immunogenicity prediction algorithms). I currently have the script outputting attribute files as intended, but ideally I’d like to define the same attributes across all the chains of the model, which are made up of a number of different proteins.

Is there any way for me to define the attribute file, or utilise some functionality to auto-associate an attribute file with all of the chains which have the correct sequence (similarly to how the sequence alignment input works at the moment?). Currently the attribute file is only using ‘numbered’ coordinates (:1, :2, :3…etc) , rather than the actual sequence.

Since there’s no chain information in the attribute files, I’m not sure how I can go about connecting it to the right structure, other than manually at the moment?

Many thanks,


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