[Chimera-users] Export morph confirmation scene to 3D Studio Max

Edel Fenix edel.fenix at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 06:53:34 PDT 2019


I just discovered Chimera and love the morph confirmation function! Amazing!

I would like to export a full morph confirmation scene with surface render
from Chimera with all frames in a format that I can import in 3D Studio Max
as a complete animation. I can import individual OBJ but not what I am
looking for with higher number of frames.

I've tried all formats Chimera can natively export as but I can not open
any of them in 3D Studio Max. Has anyone done this? Didn't find a relevant
prior post when I searched. Is there a way to export formats multiple times
to achieve this?

Deeply appreciate any help in finding a solution.

Best regards,
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