[Chimera-users] match command

Hernando J Sosa hernando.sosa at einstein.yu.edu
Sun Jan 20 10:12:05 PST 2019

Dear Chimera,

Can somebody clarify the syntax of the match command. I am specifically trying to move several atoms (residues or ligands) to match their location in another model *without* moving the rest of the model.

match #0:ADP.A #1:ADP.A 
works fine but moves the whole model #0

match #0:ADP.A #1:ADP.A atoms

Or using any other option after the atom specifications generate the following error:
"an even number of space-separated atom specs are required"

According to the user-guide website the syntax is:
match  atom-spec1  atom-spec2  options

Not sure what the problem is.



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