[Chimera-users] Can multiple marker sets be batch-saved into individual .cmm files?

Jun Ha Song junhasong at berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 28 09:59:59 PDT 2019

Dear RBVI,

I need to save around 340 market sets into individual .cmm files, 1 .cmm
for each marker set I have in my Chimera session. I have been looking at
UCSF Chimera documentation for some time (
and I wanted to ask if multiple marker sets (each with its own unique model
ID) can be saved in single batch command line.

Is there a possibility of specifying commands like *save* or *write* or
*export* with atom specification of all the model that I want to save to
make Chimera save all my 340 marker sets as their individual .cmm files? I
was hoping that I could simply use something like

*save #1-340 individual UseModelIDasFilename format .cmm
directory E:\LBNL\Individual_Models*

to make it happen, but all the commands that I thought of as potential
candidate for batch-save command doesn't mention whether it can work with
volume tracer's "Save current marker set as...".

or, if I can use Volume Tracer's "Save current marker set as..." using a
script, I could handle this by making myself very simple macro, but I don't
know whether volume tracer's codes would allow some quick script to
substitute its "Save current marker set as..." function.

So, in summary, I wanted to know if...

Q1 : Is there a command in UCSF Chimera that allows batch saving multiple
market sets as individual .cmm files?
Q2 : Can Volume Tracer's "Save current marker set as..." function be used
by using some kind of script?

Junha Song.
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