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Eslam Nofal zeiad85eslam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 09:57:49 PDT 2018

Thanks a lot for your effort
please help me to know how can I determine My Model for a certain mutated
(like smn protein for normal sequences,type I,II,III,and IV Spinal muscular
How can I know the protein model for different seq is functional or non
I made models for different affected cases of SMA with A suitable template
for pdb  and Recorded The Qmean and GMQE number for each model with but
till now I can not be able to determine this sequence produce good
functional protein or not
especially with gene have Frame shift mutation which produce new protein
and also have a lot of stop codon in the sequence
I hope you understand the meaning of  my Question ? and hope to guide me to
suitable tool or method
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