[Chimera-users] Saving mrc EM-map

Ibrahim M. Moustafa ria2 at psu.edu
Thu Dec 6 09:52:34 PST 2018

Hi All,
  I'm trying to do the fitting of a model into EM (mrc map) for
real-space-refine in phenix.First I read the map and clicked "center" in the
Volume viewer. Then I saved the centered map, assuming that the header info
will be updated in the saved map.I did the fitting and saved the model relative
to the map. Reading the saved map and fitted model back looks OK. However, when
I do the real-space-refine in Phenix, the CC-value during the run is really low
(0.01) suggesting something is not properly done. I checked the header (using
mrcfile) of the saved "centered" map and compared it to the original map and it
is the same "0,0,0". Which means chimera did not update the header after
    I'm not if there is a more proper way to do this! Any advice?
  Thank you for your help.
Ibrahim M.Moustafa, Ph.D.
Pennsylvania State University
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Dept.
Millennium Science Complex
University Park, PA16802

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