[Chimera-users] hbonds and distances movie script questions

mfellner at msu.edu mfellner at msu.edu
Thu May 4 14:52:01 PDT 2017

Good day
I am making a movie by writing a chimera command script and I searched through existing chimera topics but I could not find a solution for these issues:

Is there a command to display hbonds, I have made a script now to select residues and find the hbonds, even color + line width them and then I get rid of them later by ~hbonds.

What I would prefer is to have them premade (so I dont need to select residues during the movie) but not displayed, later I then displayed and undisplayed them with a scipt command.

Also I could not get the lineType command to work inside the hbond script (lineWidth worked fine), I had to use the setattribute command in a second script line, so for a splitsecond I have a different linetype displayed.

The second question is about distance labelling. I can set the options in the gui and then distances are displaed by a script with the distance in Angstrom shown. Is there a way to undisplay the distance label later but keep the dashed line, so change the gui option with a script?

Also I assume this is not possible, is there a script to change where the label will show up next to the line? I have not looked into displaying and undisplaying 2D labels with scripts, maybe that is a possibility?

Lastly which is not that important, is there any way to trim the corners easily? I think I am recording a lot of white space to the left and right throughout the movie, if I resize the window the molecule gets focused, so its no longer exactly where I had it related to the corners and I think I would have to adjust the script.

Thank you so much, I hope I made my questions clear, chimera is an awesome program, movie is 21 minutes at the moment.

Best wishes
Matthias Fellner Michigan State University
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