[Chimera-users] 3D movies for projects

Kenward Vaughan kay_jay at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 26 21:11:03 PST 2017


I'm developing a project for my class which feels like it's taking on 
Chimera (as in the creature) like proportions for the students. The 
thought is to have presentations of their visualization studies 
presented in a conference like setting at our school, open to all students.

The question that has pounced into my thoughts is the possibility of 
using some settings within Chimera allowing them to record a movie (even 
as simple as a screen capture) which can then be played using an Oculus 
headset (or similar) with a phone.

This would be a simple way to get the technology out into the street, so 
to speak.

I do not yet have one of these myself so really don't know this first 
hand, but thought using wall-eye stereo made sense...??

Has anyone tried this, hopefully successfully?


ps.  Is there a way to use the phone as a monitor so one can manipulate 
the images via an external device, or use a Bluetooth hand controller? 
(I expect this is not possible given the graphics constraints of phones...)
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