[Chimera-users] Splitting an pdb with multiple proteins

Jochen Baßler jochen.bassler at bzh.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Jun 9 04:05:04 PDT 2016


I´m frequently looking at pdb´s that contain multiple chains, like ribosomes
or preribosomes (e.g. Pdb  3JCT).
Is there a way to import the information from the pdb database, which tells
you the name of the chains?
Chain A = rpl2
Chain B = Rpl4 etc.
Cool would be to split the pdb into multiple models that have the name from
the pdb database.
(It is quite annoying to have a pdb with nearly 60 different chains and you
have to spend half a day to rename the chains or to create individual
models, before analyzing the structure)

Thanks for suggestions and solutions

Best wishes


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