[Chimera-users] Save as GIF (animated or otherwise)

Oliver Clarke olibclarke at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 08:55:20 PDT 2016


It would be very useful if Chimera (prob ChimeraX) was able to save either
single frames, or, preferably, record movies in GIF format.

This is not so much out of a desire to make animated gifs (although these
can be handy for presentations and use on the web), but more because it
makes it very easy to create labeled movies in vector graphics programs
(one can edit a single frame in a vector graphics program and then insert
it and alter the duration in for example GIMP or similar), which can then
be easily converted back to mp4. Otherwise adding labels and custom
annotations to movies is a pain for a novice like me, though if any one has
any suggestions for recommended software I'd love to hear them! I've tried
using iMovie and found it incredibly frustrating for the kinds of simple
things like to do - adding labels, boxes, arrows etc to highlight specific
domains during a morph, for example.

At the moment I make a movie in chimera and convert it to a GIF using
videoblend, edit in affinity designer and GIMP and then convert back to mp4
using online tools, but a more direct route would definitely be useful.

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