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A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Tue Jul 7 09:46:02 PDT 2015

		I am pleased to inform you that I have been using aspects of
Chimera that permit me to prepare images of proteins deposited in the pdb.
It was a pleasant surprise to find that the learning curve was not as steep
as I thought it might be.  Mind you, there are many aspects of Chimera that
I have not yet attempted to use.

		Now I wish to do something that may not be possible to do
with Chimera. And I  am not sure where to look in the tutorials.

		I have a ribbon diagram of a protein-RNA complex, PDB 4p3e,
two proteins, SRP 19 and SRP68, bound to  a segment of 7SL RNA.

		I can also obtain the structure of another protein SRP54
which also bind to this complex. However, the structure of pdb 4p3e with
SRP54 is not available.

		I know where SRP54 should bind to the RNA, and I know which
domain of SRP54 binds to the RNA.

		How can I somehow combine the two files, one for SRP54 and
the other 4p3e and locate SRP54 onto the 4p3e structure? (not sure it is
possible) Of course crystallographers know how to achieve this structural
combination. I don't have a clue.

		I checked the tutorial list and the closest I seemed to come
was the Merge  command.  However, the tutorial did not seem to deal  with
what I wanted to do.

		Thank you in advance for your assistance.

		Arthur G. Szabo Ph.D.
		Professor Emeritus, Chemistry
		Wilfrid Laurier University
		Waterloo, Canada.

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