[Chimera-users] Chimera commands to record MD movies

psu4 at uic.edu psu4 at uic.edu
Wed Sep 18 12:11:17 PDT 2013

Dear Chimera,

    Since we run a lot of Amber MD simulation in remote clusters,  we
wonder if there is any Chimera command that can record the Amber MD
trajectories remotely and save them as avi (or any other movie file
formats)?   If this is feasible, then we don't have to download all the
trajectories to local and make the trajectory movies manually.    We have
searched the Chimera user manual but didn't see any command.   If there are
related commands which we didn't see, please forgive us : )   Thanks.

   * There is a way to activate X11 forwarding and use remote Chimera GUI
to do this, but it's extremely slow and prone to freeze the computer.

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