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James Starlight jmsstarlight at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 00:38:58 PDT 2013

Dear Chimera users!

I have a question about the View Dock plugin.
>From some servers usually I've obtained pdb file of the target protein as
well as separate file consisted of all predicted posses which I can
visualize in Chimera.

So I wounder to know

1- How I could hide hydrogen bonds as well as protein's side chains of the
residues which are in contact with the ligands ( on the default both of
that two options are turned ON)

2- How I could properly save some poses as the separate pdb models ? E.g
when I chose to same target.pdb with the #1_pose from the chimera saving
menu I obtain protein and ligand with the surrounded residues as two models
in one pdb file ( so I must manually merge it in one model and delete
residues from the second model). Does it possible to obtain protein-ligand
complex as one model as the output?

Thanks for help,

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