[Chimera-users] How to save VIPER transformation matrix

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Thu Mar 29 10:15:54 PDT 2012

In Chimera 1.6 if you use "sym #0 group i222" to copy molecule #0 using 
icosahedral symmetry and then save #0 as a PDB then it puts the 60 
symmetry matrices in PDB REMARK 350 BIOMT matrices.  Chimera 1.5 does 
not do this.


> Dear Chimera Users,
>  Is it possible to save the coordinates after the VIPER transformation 
> (xyz-2 fold symmetry) in Chimera. I can create a multiscale biological 
> molecule in chimera but it is not saving the viper matrix in pdb file. 
> Please note that this pdb is a model not the crystal structure and I 
> am trying to save the viper matrix for this pdb.
> Thank you, S

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