[Chimera-users] Untranslating after using solvate

Matthew Baumgartner mpb21 at pitt.edu
Fri Jun 29 08:26:35 PDT 2012

I am using chimera to add a shell of water around a given protein using 
the solvate command through the command line. However, upon adding 
solvent, the protein is translated/rotated a bit, as mentioned in the 
documentation ( 
<cid:part1.03060408.05020907 at pitt.edu>). However, I would like to leave 
the protein in it's input coordinates and simply add waters around it.

Is there a way to use the solvate command without translation? If not, 
how should I go about resetting the structure back to it's original 


Probably unnecessary details:
Running: USCF Chimera, production version 1.6 (build 35700)
Under: Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit
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