[Chimera-users] Attribute Error!

Asma Tahir asma.bioinfo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 7 21:18:30 PST 2012


I encountered error while using the Modeller tools from the Structure Menu.
I have tried this function using .aln , .pir, .ali files but i encountered
problem. The error is as below:

*Attribute Error: Templateseq instance has no attribute 'status'.*
If I will try to fetch PDB through ID, it is giving me error of "Error
during PDB fetch". I read the archives of the chimera on site and changed
the www.rcsb.org to the IP Address, as written, in init.py and fetch.py but
still the same error.

I am using Windows 7. The downloaded chimera version is 1.5.3 win 64.

Kindly advice.

Thanks in advance,

*Asma Ishaq Tahir*
*Research Technical Assistant*
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