[Chimera-users] a problem with silhouettes

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Aug 20 12:26:19 PDT 2012

Hi Alja,

   Glad to hear that updating your graphics driver fixed the problem.  
When the graphics looks wrong on just one computer, it is almost always 
a graphics driver problem, not a Chimera bug.


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Subject: Re: [Chimera-users] a problem with silhouettes
From: Alja Oblak
To: Tom Goddard
Date: 8/19/12 11:14 PM
> Dear Tom,
> thank you very much for your help! I have the 1.6.1 production release 
> on my computer. I've updated the graphics driver and silhouettes seem 
> to work fine now. Thanks again.
> Best regards,
> Alja
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> *Za:* Alja Oblak
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> *Zadeva:* Re: [Chimera-users] a problem with silhouettes
> Hi Alja,
>   Those little ellipses scattered all over are the end-caps of the 
> ribbon helices being drawn in the wrong place.  That is a bug.  You 
> should use Help / Report a Bug to send us a report that will include 
> your graphics driver version and operating system.  I could imagine 
> this bug happening in Chimera daily builds because I have changed the 
> ribbon drawing code.  But it is surprising to see it in the Chimera 
> 1.6 production release.  If it is in a daily build try the latest 
> daily build.  If it is in Chimera 1.6 it is most likely a graphics 
> driver bug.  You can try to update your graphics driver or use a 
> different computer to make this image.
>     Tom
>> Hi Tom,
>> you're right. Sorry I haven't thought of that myself.
>> Here's an image.
>> Alja
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>> Od: Tom Goddard
>> Poslano: 17. avgust 2012 2:01
>> Za: Alja Oblak
>> Cc:chimera-users at cgl.ucsf.edu
>> Zadeva: Re: [Chimera-users] a problem with silhouettes
>> Sending an example image might help debug this.
>>       Tom
>>> Dear Chimera users,
>>> I am trying to create an image for a publication using Chimera 1.6.1.
>>> Whenever I turn on "silhouette" dark spots appear on the screen and on the saved image. They seem totally random but they move along with the structure when rotated. When I zoom on them they look like small "umbrella-shaped" discs. The "show shadows" option is turned off.
>>> Does anybody know what are those spots and how to get rid of them?
>>> Thank you very much for any help.
>>> Regards,
>>> Alja Oblak
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