[Chimera-users] Modelling of missing regions ussing Chimera

Gleb Novicov gnovikov87 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 04:44:12 PDT 2012

Dear Chimera's users!

I need to model some missing segments ( In particular case I need to build
missing N and C termi ) of my protein ussing Modeller's options.  Could you
tell me about possible solution of that issue ?

On my win7 I have installed Chimera as well as Modeller v 9.10 suite.

I've defined Modeller pathways in the Chimera's Model pool options but when
I've selected option Prune seection to define region of interest I didnt
obtain anythinf from both of Chimera or Modeller. On other hand the option
Structure -> Modeller tools also not available for me. Does it means that
I've installed modeller incorrectly ?

Also I've used  runmod.dat script with defined variables from which I
obtained the below

usage: mod9.10 script [...]

Doest this means that all work fine ?

By the way after executing of that script I could not launch modeller by
means of mod9.10.exe from modeller folder. The error from modeller was

C:\Program Files\Modeller\bin>mod9.10.exe
FATAL ERROR: MODINSTALL9v10 environment variable not set: incomplete

Could you explain me whats I've done wrong and how I could fix this problem?

Thanks for help

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