[Chimera-users] Incomplete chain contain many dotted lines while displaying

Junfeng Huang jfhuang.dg at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 19:58:27 PDT 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have a problem while display PDB file.

I extract the residues from protein-protein interface by ligplus into a new
PDB file, and want to display and analysis it. As the file contain only the
residues form interface, they are discontinuous.

While display with pymol, it is OK. However, While using Chimera, there are
many dotted lines between the residues. I know what the dotted lines are,
but I do want to hide all these lines, can somebody please give me some

I sent two figures in the attachment. It's the first time I used mail-list,
if it doesn't support figures, please check here:

Interface display by pymol

Interface display by Chimera

Thank you very much!
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