[Chimera-users] How to model a 4Fe4S cluster on conserved Cys residues

Ingmar Buerstel ingmar_b at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 6 06:44:03 PST 2011

Dear users,
i hope anybody out there can help me. I would like to model a 4Fe4S cluster in between a set of four highly conserved Cys residues. From compoarative analysis with crystal strucutre I know there belongs a 4Fe4S but for my respective protein no such crystal exists, so I would like to model my 4Fe4S cluster by my self.  I am not very familiar with Chimera, yet, but the "Build structure" function did not work quite well for me. 
So would kindly ask those who have experince with this kind of models to give me some hinds to model such a FeS-cluster 
Thanx in advance, 
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