[Chimera-users] Capping a clipped sphere representation

Michelle E. McCully mmccully at uw.edu
Fri Jun 24 16:12:31 PDT 2011


I would like to create an image of a protein shown in van der Waals spheres
with a clipped surface.  I'd like each individual sphere/atom to be capped
and colored the same color as the atom.  Is this possible?

I can show the protein in spheres and clip it using the side view dialog,
but the clipped spheres show up as shells instead of solid balls.  I also
have found directions for capping and coloring surfaces, but I don't see a
way to make the clipped surface colored by atom.  It seems that building my
protein out of sphere shapes and clipping that would give me the desired
effect, but I was hoping there was something easier and built-in that I'm

Thanks for your help,
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