[Chimera-users] Problem: Electrostatic surface coloring

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Tue Sep 21 10:07:15 PDT 2010

  Hi Nitesh,

   Could you use the Chimera Help / Report a Bug... menu entry and 
attach a *.phi file that has this problem?  The error message means that 
Chimera thinks the *.phi file has the wrong format.  I'll take a look at 
it when I get the file.


>  Hi,
> I am having trouble getting chimera to open .phi files, with the 
> following reply:
> "Error reading file xyz.phi, format delphi
> Parameter record size 284 must be 16 or 20 or 36"
> The .phi file was generated using delphi, and works fine when opened 
> with Grasp2.
> Can someone please help me with this?
> On a slightly related note, I am also unable to use the delphi 
> controller in Chimera, with the message:
> "Delphi exited with status -1073741794". I am not sure if this is a 
> bug. I can provide more details from the log.
> Chimera version: 1.4.1 (build 29977)
> Thanks
> Nitesh.

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