[Chimera-users] Problem: Electrostatic surface coloring

Nitesh Sule Nitesh.Sule at my.ndsu.edu
Mon Sep 20 13:59:43 PDT 2010


I am having trouble getting chimera to open .phi files, with the following reply:
"Error reading file xyz.phi, format delphi
Parameter record size 284 must be 16 or 20 or 36"

The .phi file was generated using delphi, and works fine when opened with Grasp2.
Can someone please help me with this?

On a slightly related note, I am also unable to use the delphi controller in Chimera, with the message:
"Delphi exited with status -1073741794". I am not sure if this is a bug. I can provide more details from the log.

Chimera version: 1.4.1 (build 29977)

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