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Hi Ed,

It turns out it is a complicated answer depending on various factors.  I will outline some of the issues.

If you are doing a workstation only, that is not supporting a projector for a lot of users, the cheapest route is row interleave; zalman makes a display for $300, and uses cheap glasses ($1-$15) the same used in most movie theaters; no additional hardware.  The downside is you loose half your vertical resolution.  

If you are doing a workstation only and want maximum vertical resolution you will need to go with active glasses.  
There are several ways to make this happen: 
1) crystal eyes glasses ($300), quadro card ($1800), emitter ($100), CRT ($200-500); stereographics.com.  NuVision offers cheaper glasses.  Someday someone might offer a 120HZ compatible LCD display, this is not a technical problem.
2) active glasses ($150), Gforce card ($300), LCD 120 HZ monitor ($300), emitter ($50); only works on MS Windows, not sure if chimera supports this.  nvidia.com  Nothing is compatible with #1). someday may work with linux and mac.

If you are doing a workstation and want to support a projector, you got two options, passive and active using an in-focus projector ($5-6k).
You get full vertical resolution even if you are doing passive.  If you do passive you will need a polarizer ($5k) and cheap glasses ($1-15) same used in the most movie theaters.  If you do active you need a theater emitter ($500-1000) and active glasses ($200-300).  Either way you are going to need a quadro card ($1800) in your workstation.

In my lab we use all the methods except the polarizer, which is on order.  I find the Zalman approach the least hassle and most recyclable, but for conference room setting with a number of people the polarizer is most economical, what the movie theaters are gravitating to, and has less operational failures.

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Hi Eric:

I am looking into getting a new workstation for Chimera.  In the past, we have gotten CRT displays in order to do 3-D visualization.  Could you recommend other display options that are available now and that users have been happy with?  Is a CRT still the best option?

Thanks for the help.


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