[Chimera-users] Contouring ED Maps

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 27 16:34:10 PST 2010

Hi Hector,

  Not sure what "sharply chopped" means without a picture.  But we have 
seen a problem where the map surface looks like sliced bread.  It is 
caused by a bug in old Mesa OpenGL (3-d graphics) libraries on Linux, 
and is not a Chimera bug.  The solution is to install a graphics driver 
which will also give you much faster rendering.  Or you can disable 
Vertex Buffer Objects in the Chimera Debug Graphics Driver tool.



If this is not your problem you can submit a bug report with Chimera 
menu entry Help / Report a Bug and attach an image.


> Hi,
> Also regarding contouring ED maps: we have ccp4 maps that are fine in 
> coot, but as soon as you display them in chimera they are sharply 
> chopped in one direction, as if there is any problem with a border. 
> Any suggestion, the effect it's particularly bad for a surface 
> representation, but it's also obvious when you display it as a mesh.
> Thank you!
> Hector Viadiu

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