[Chimera-users] Center of segmentation regions

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Mon Dec 13 18:55:05 PST 2010

Hi Tyler,

   The Chimera Segger segmentation tool currently doesn't report the 
geometric center of segmentation regions or the principal axes.  I've 
attached a Python script that will do that.  Select the regions in 
Chimera then open the script (File / Open).  The results will appear in 
the reply log (menu Favorites / Reply Log).  The results are in physical 
coordinates (taking account of volume grid spacing), not grid index units.


> Dr. Meng,
> I am using Segger in Chimera and displaying the principal axes for 
> some of my segmentations.  I am wondering if there is a way to find 
> the XYZ coordinates of the origin of the principal axes for each of my 
> segments.  Is there a way to put the coordinates for these axes in a 
> text file?
> Thank you,
> Tyler Steele
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