[Chimera-users] Coloring model represented as PipesAndPlanks

Ibrahim Moustafa I.moustafa at psu.edu
Thu Apr 1 07:44:38 PDT 2010

Dear Chimera team,

  I have a problem with coloring different regions of the protein presented
as PipesAndPlanks. I know I can change the colors of the SS elements from
the menu of PipesAndPlanks.
But, this is not what I want: I want to color different regions of the
protein with different colors and not to be limited with the colors given to
the SS.

  Before, I had no problem in doing so. I think this problem appeared in the
recent updates.
Something I noticed and could be related is that to change the presentation
from the default chimera to PipesAndPlanks the new presentation assigned the
same model# as the original model. I think, in previous versions the new
presentation used to be given a new model#. Similarly, if I want to create a
map for the model using (molmap) it is given the same model # rather than a
new model# as used to be.

  I run Chimera version 1.4.1 (build 30282) on a Mac OSX 10.4 (PPC).

 Thanks for help.



Ibrahim M. Moustafa, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dept.
201 Althouse Lab., University Park,
Pennsylvania State University
PA 16802

Tel. (814) 863-8703
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