[Chimera-users] Split colors from Volume Viewer

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Mar 23 11:29:26 PDT 2009

Hi Damien,

   The wave front obj export only supports a single color for each 
surface piece.  I've added to the feature request list to allow surfaces 
with multiple colors.


To export multi-color surfaces use VRML or X3D and then try to find 
third-party software to convert that to OBJ.

   The split map button on the color zone dialog only works when the 
surface is colored using the color zone tool.  You didn't indicate how 
you are coloring the map, but you must not be using color zone.  The 
error "no atom selected" is given when you press the Color button on 
color zone, not when you press Split.


Damien Larivière wrote:
> Dear Chimera team and users,
> When opening a map (EMD 1126 for example), the structure is displayed in 
> grey. From the menu Volume and Surface colors, it is then possible to 
> color the structure.
> I would like to export in the OBJ format the colored structure but this 
> one still appears in grey when I display it in a modeler such as 3DSMax. 
> And effectively, the MTL file created by the exporter only contains one 
> color although the structure displayed in Chimera was multicolored.
> I look at a tutorial explaining that it is possible to Split map from 
> the menu Volume/color zone. It seemed to me that it is a way to get a 
> multicolored structure in the OBJ format. However, when I want to "split 
> map", a message says "no atom selected".
> May you tell me how to get a multicolored structure (initially opened 
> from a map) in the .obj format ?
> All the best
> Damien
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