[Chimera-users] Split colors from Volume Viewer

Damien Larivière damien.lariviere at fourmentinguilbert.org
Mon Mar 23 03:02:48 PDT 2009

Dear Chimera team and users,

When opening a map (EMD 1126 for example), the structure is displayed in 
grey. From the menu Volume and Surface colors, it is then possible to 
color the structure.

I would like to export in the OBJ format the colored structure but this 
one still appears in grey when I display it in a modeler such as 3DSMax. 
And effectively, the MTL file created by the exporter only contains one 
color although the structure displayed in Chimera was multicolored.

I look at a tutorial explaining that it is possible to Split map from 
the menu Volume/color zone. It seemed to me that it is a way to get a 
multicolored structure in the OBJ format. However, when I want to "split 
map", a message says "no atom selected".

May you tell me how to get a multicolored structure (initially opened 
from a map) in the .obj format ?

All the best


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