[Chimera-users] Morphing Code Request!

Eric J. Choi eric_choi89 at berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 11 11:11:45 PDT 2009

Hello, chimera-users,

Hi, my name is Eric Choi and currently I am interning at the Ren Lab at
mission bay for Dr. Ren. For one of my assignments, I was to make a video
of a conformation change of PPAR-GAMMA, from open to closed structure with
the addition of a ligand. Upon trying to make this happen, I realized that
I need the morphing python code(I believe it is) to be able to complete
this step. This is what the movie making tutorial told me in the part
"Ligand Flying into Unbound Conformation". If I could get the command to
make the morph(python code) that would be great. Thank you!

-Eric Choi

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