[Chimera-users] volume planes display loop

Benoit Zuber bzuber at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Fri Oct 24 08:36:42 PDT 2008


I have got some questions regarding plane display of volumes:
Is there a way to cycle through a limited range of planes? For example 
if the thickness of my volume is 300, is it possible to cycle from z = 
100 to z = 120, instead of from z = 0 to z = 299?

Is there a way to make the cycling through the planes start in the other 
direction than when it stopped last time? For example, I click stop 
while the display is cycling from low z value to high z value. If I then 
click start, the display is going to cycle again from low to high z 
value but I would like it to cycle from high to low z value.

Is it possible to specify a starting plane and an end plane, and to have 
the display going from the starting plane to the end plane only once 
(without cycling)?

Finally, can all of this be specified through the command line?


Benoît Zuber
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Hills Road
United Kingdom
+44 1223 402209
bzuber at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

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