[Chimera-users] Chimera-users Digest, Vol 66, Issue 20

Ibrahim Moustafa I.moustafa at psu.edu
Wed Oct 22 17:06:54 PDT 2008

Hi All,

   I figured it out. The problem turned to be the resolution of the files
that did not play in the powerpoint. Editing the movie to have a lower
resolution enabled the file to play fine in the powerpoint.

  I wonder if there can be an option to determine the resolution in the
output file from Chimera to avoid such problems with powerpoint and also,
this can be added to the tips on Chimera site for making the movie for use
in powerpoint:

 "make sure of the produced file to match the projector and the computer.
Usually, something like 800x600 should work"

   Thanks to Elaine for her help.


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> Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 13:05:51 -0400
> From: Ibrahim Moustafa <I.moustafa at psu.edu>
> Subject: [Chimera-users] Question about movie in powerpoint
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> Dear Chimera team who is always giving the best support,
>    I have a question regarding movie playing in power point and hope you can
> help.
>  I'm setting a power point presentation and want to play some movie (.avi
> MSMPEG-4v2), created in Chimera, in the presentation. The movie play fine;
> however, if I'm in the presenter view mode it does not play and gives me a
> black screen.
> I tried to re-insert the movie, change the view size, put everything in the
> same place...but none of these solved the problem.
>  The funny thing is that other movies bigger in size can play fine in the
> presenter view mode. These have the same format (avi MSMPEG-4v2) and created
> using the same program.
>   Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue? Any advice is more than
> welcome.
>   Also, I noticed that sometimes the movie, that is known to be working
> fine, does not work for unknown reason.
> Especially in the case of 2 movies in the same slide. Any tips to have two
> movies in the same slide to work in a more robust way is really appreciated.
>  Really appreciating your help, thanks;
>  Ibrahim

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