[Chimera-users] changing selection color

Michael DiMattia dimattia at ufl.edu
Thu Jul 10 10:44:18 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I have a quick question regarding a figure I am trying to make.  I have a
multi-chain protein loaded with each subunit surface-rendered individually.
We wanted to find a way to highlight the outline of one of the subunits in
the 3d surface rendering and selecting the surface of the chain works really
well for this in Chimera.  The familiar green outline highlights the subunit
well, even though I realize this is probably not the primary purpose for
such highlighting.  I imagine it is just to let the user know what is

But if i were to use the selection highlighting to show such an outline in a
figure, i was wondering if it is possible to change the color of the
selection outline from green to any other color or if it is possible to
change the width of the outline.  I realize it's a long shot, but thought
I'd ask anyway in case anyone has tried this before.

Many thanks

Mike DiMattia
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