[Chimera-users] Update volume display without pressing show

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 31 12:25:09 PST 2007

Hi Jeff,

  I also wasn't able to reproduce this problem.  There is probably a 
real problem but some step that causes it is missing.  If you figure out 
that step let me know.


Jeff wrote:
> sorry about the confusion,
> what I meant by 'does not work', is that once I have loaded the volume 
> planes tool, it appears to not allow me to select 'update display 
> without pressing show'. (the button is depressed in the dialog box, or 
> i unclick/reclick it, but it no longer toggles 'update....w/o press 
> show' on and off). 2318 build.
> sequence:
> 1) load map; display with solid rendering. default is 'update w/o 
> press show', and you can see the effect of playing with histogram 
> update in realtime.
> 2) start volume planes. now requires me to press 'show' to update the 
> display. this also includes other volumes that vol planes is not used 
> on, and 'update w/o show' no longer works in surface or solid mode.
> 3) close volume planes, or close session. problem persists.
> 4) restart chimera, now it allows 'update..w/o press show' again.
> so, this happened to me twice, and i figured it was just something to 
> do with the volume planes tool. As I am writing this, I just re-did 
> the sequence above, and now it works (volume plane tool updates, can 
> switch to surface). Because I can no longer replicate this, I should 
> probably be ignored. Also, I just loaded one of the sessions I was 
> having a problem with into a new launch of chimera, thinking there 
> might be some sort of 'system/state snapshot' I could send you, but 
> now it is working too. So, it appears to have been fixed by a restart 
> of chimera. Again, please ignore.
> -Jeff

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