[Chimera-users] Update volume display without pressing show

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 31 11:17:28 PST 2007

Hi Jeff,

  I tried the volume "update show" option in combination with volume 
planes and did not find an problem.  Can you give me step by step 
instructions to produce the problem?  Also I don't know what you mean by 
"does not work".  Does it always update automatically, or never update 
automatically?  What Chimera version?

  With the volume planes tool, the full map is still opened -- it is 
just display a subregion that is 1 plane high.  Use Features / Region 
Bounds to see and change the subregion.  Or use Features / Subregion 
Selection and press the Full button to get back to the full map.  Also 
the volume planes dialog always acts on the volume displayed in the 
volume dialog.  Perhaps it should have its own menu to choose the volume 
you want to show planes for.


Jeff wrote:
> even if I close the volume planes tool,
> 'update display without pressing Show' no longer works (for instance, 
> adjusting the volume rendering histogram, or clicking 'surface' 
> rendering). if I close, then re-open the volume, it still doesn't 
> work. bug, or my version maybe?
> also, once you start 'volume planes tool', it only keeps track of the 
> plane it has pulled from the volume map - what used to be a 
> 100x100x100 volume is now 100x100x1; the volume viewer 'renames' the 
> map but does not save it out that way (which is good). is there a way 
> to be able to keep the full volume around, but not displayed? there 
> are reasons you might want to do that (well, I found myself trying to 
> do that), without having to re-open the volume.
> i did check to see if i could open 2 copies - one first to run 'volume 
> planes' on, and then one to subsample but have as a volume rendering, 
> for example. this works, as long as i don't accidentally touch the 
> 'volume planes' dialog when fooling with the second opened copy of the 
> volume.
> mainly just curious, not asking for additional functionality, just 
> wanted to let you know what I was trying and why.
> -Jeff
> Thomas Goddard wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>>   The volume dialog data display option "Update display without 
>> pressing Show" only effect volume dialog features.  It does not have 
>> any effect on the Volume Planes tool.  The Volume Planes tool does 
>> not allow adjusting the plane number without updating the display.
>>     Tom
>> Jeff wrote:
>>> hi Tom,
>>> I have volume planes and precomputed subsamplings going, and the 
>>> 'update display without pressing Show' no longer works (keep 
>>> toggling on and off, but it doesn't have an effect)
>>> is there a way for me to 'refresh' the state of buttons like that?
>>> -Jeff

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