[Chimera-users] Export idatmType

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Jan 16 16:40:46 PST 2007

Hi Brady,
	Tom forwarded your mail to me.  There almost is a way.  In the  
1.2318 snapshot, the Render By Attribute tool allows you to save  
attribute values to a file using that tool's "File->Save  
Attributes..." menu item (saved in the format that Define Attribute  
accepts).  So, why "almost"?  The idatmType attribute is screened out  
of the list of available attributes since it can be expensive to  
compute the values -- and since you could already select by IDATM  
type using the regular selection menu.  But now that save exists I  
will have to improve Render By Attribute so that it can know that  
idatmType values are strings ahead of time (so it doesn't have to ask  
for any values to figure that out).
	Anyway, for your purposes it is not too hard to force Render By  
Attribute to show you idatmType.  First, get the 1.2318 release.   
Then edit the file <your Chimera>/share/ShowAttr/__init__.py (on a  
Mac:  Chimera.app/Contents/Resources/share/ShowAttr/__init__.py) and  
edit line 24.  It will look like this:

	'name': False, 'idatmType': False, 'idatmIsExplicit': False,

change it to:

	'name': False, 'idatmIsExplicit': False,

Save the file and thereafter Render By Attribute should show you the  
idatmType attribute.


> hi tom - is there a quick way to save the atom types from idatmType  
> to a text/log file along with the atom name or number?

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