[Chimera-users] generating electrostatic potential map

bala bala at igib.res.in
Fri Oct 27 07:43:45 PDT 2006

Hello all,

I want to generate the electrostatic potential map using Chimera. I tried through Delphi controler, however i am repeatedly getting an error as follows. I have successfully installed Delphi. Can someone suggest me what is wrong. 
  __________DelPhi V. 4 Release 1.1 ______________  
 |                                                | 
 | A program to solve the PB equation             | 
 | in 3D, using non-linear form, incorporating    | 
 | many dielectric regions, multisalt ionic       | 
 | strength, different probe radii, periodic      | 
 | and focussing boundary conditions, utilizing   | 
 | stripped optimum successive over-relaxation    | 
 | and an improved algorithm for mapping the      | 
 | Mol. Surface to the finite-Difference grid     | 
 | Recompiled on Linux and PC                     | 
 |    January 2002 --------  Walter Rocchia       | 
 |__________________           ___________________| 
                    DelPhi V. 4                     
  program started on Fri Oct 27 2006
              at 14:55:00
 opening parameter file /tmp/tmpvpgS8V
 At least 30 nonlinear iterations
 atom radii read from file
 unknown header format in radius file:
  O5' A     1  1.7210                                        

First it showed the same for H5 atom [which was the first atom in the siz/charge file], then i just tried by deleting the first line in the radius and charge file. Then the same error is coming for the second atom O5' in the file.

Thanks in advance,
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