[Chimera-users] viewing grid density

bala bala at igib.res.in
Thu Oct 26 06:33:46 PDT 2006

Hello all,

1) I hve generated a solvent density map using Amber8 in XPLOR format. I am able to open the map in chimera. I hv also generated a refernce pdb file. Now i have to fix the reference structure of my molecule in the density map. I tried many options but i couldnt do that. Someone pls suggest me how i should do the same.

2) Also i am not clear with the meaning of the threshold levels given in the histogram. Although i could see the difference in the density map by sliding the vertical bar to various postions, i am getting what it can tell us exactly. Which is the most suitable threhold level etc. 

3) Someone pls give me the link for the chimera mail list archive...i am unable to locate it.

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